Important Terms

Affirmative obligations of sites to prevent unauthorized access

The site does not induce players to continue gambling when play is in session, when the player attempts to end a session, or wins or loses a bet. Communications with players do not intentionally encourage players to:

Gamble Continuously

Re-gamble Winnings

Chase Losses.

Sites have an affirmative obligation to put in place technical and operational measures to prevent access by those who are underage. The age verification process is required as a part of registration. Such measures include requiring the site to use a reputable independent third party that is commonly in the business of verifying an individual’s personal identity information.

The site policy describes repercussions when an underage player is identified including immediate stoppage of play, account closure and confiscation of winnings.Players cannot obtain a line of credit from the site. Play data from regulated internet gambling sites is publicly available through the regulatory agency to qualified researchers.

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There are regular reminders to all Directors, managers who have direct contact with players about responsible gambling.Data is identified to remove personally identifying information, consistent with Federal and state privacy, intellectual property and freedom of information laws. A portion of all gambling revenue is dedicated to reduce the social costs of gambling addiction.