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The training and informed decision making in online gambling

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Our senior staff member is responsible for implementation of responsible gambling policies and procedures. There are regular reminders to all Directors, managers and staff who have direct contact with players about responsible gambling. All our staff who have contact with players, including customer service agents, as well as administrative and corporate staff members, are trained in responsible gambling at their hiring and are retrained regularly.

Our staff members are taught skills and procedures specific to their position to respond to situations where a player contacts the site, requests information, and discloses they may have a gambling problem.

Our site provides a variety of information to assist players in making informed decisions about their gambling. The responsible gambling information includes


Practical tips on how to keep gambling within safe limits


Common myths associated with the applicable games


Preventing underage gambling How to use key responsible gambling tools such as limit setting and timeouts

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Information on how individual games work, including randomness and house edge where applicable and odds of winning and payout ratios where applicable


Risks associated with gambling


Signs of a potential gambling problem Self-exclusion

There is a direct link to at least one organization dedicated to helping people with potential gambling problems. Regular testing for functionality occurs for all links to help services.

Personalized information included in online gambling sites

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Site provides players information on their play. Players have access to their gambling history including time and money spent games played, net wins or losses as well as session information. Players have access to their account details including all deposits amounts, withdrawal amounts, movement of funds between products, bonus information, restrictions such as exclusion events and limits. Players can receive live updates during play about time and money spent and account balances in cash.

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Players are encouraged to set weekly or monthly deposit, loss or time limits through information provided by the operator online or with a customer service agent. Players have the option of setting daily, weekly or monthly limits on the size of deposits. Players have the option of setting a system-wide loss or time limit. Players have the option of setting individual loss or time limits of for each type of game offered by the site. Play is stopped when the limit is reached. Players may view the status of their limits on the account details page at any time.

You can receive live updates about time and money spent.