Online Gambling

The versatile features of the online gambling games and gambling sites

There is a clock visible at all times. Games always display bets, wins, losses and account balances as cash. The online gambling site does not allow players to play games automatically using an auto play feature. The gambling online sites are tested and reviewed annually.

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The site avoids reinforcing myths like stop buttons that are removed to avoid giving players the illusion of control or reinforcing the near miss. All potential new games and site technology are reviewed for possible impacts on problem gambling utilizing a risk assessment protocol. Some of the features include:

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Players receive responsible gambling information during registration, agree to the terms before starting to play and receive this information by email following registration.


Terms are provided to players upon registration, including information about bonuses, deposits, withdrawal and the disposition of player funds.


Self-exclusion lists are checked during the registration process and excluded players are denied.


Players are not allowed to have multiple accounts on the same site.